• Satisfaction is not easy to come by.

    Satisfaction is not easy to come by.

    For 50 years, ACT has been enthusiastic about providing tailor-made services and high-quality products.

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  • ACT bottles almost everything for you.

    ACT bottles almost everything for you.

    Whether liquid products, aerosols or greases and pastes, ACT bottles your containers and packages to your specifications.

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  • With ACT, your supply chain runs like a well-oiled machine.

    With ACT, your supply chain runs like a well-oiled machine.

    Save yourself the hassles of shipping and storage. Upon request, we can do the order-picking, packaging and shipping of your products directly to the end customer.

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  • Lift off!

    Lift off!

    With the complete service and highly effective products from ACT.

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50 years of contract bottling and manufacturing of active substances

Start by having a perfect supply chain in the production and marketing of chemical-technical automotive products. For the required speed, ACT provides comprehensive service as a contract bottler and as a producer of highly effective coolant and fuel additives, cleaners, care products and service products. With »Made in Germany« quality we supply the world market from Bad Boll. 50 years of experience in the service of mobility takes you too to the fast lane. Secure the pole position with chemical technology from Aerosol Chemie Technik. Interested? Then send us a message or give us a call.


Performance boost for your success


The bottling of liquids has

been our hallmark for 50 years. In the same high quality we fill your packaging with greases, pastes and fluid fillings. No matter whether you order 500 or 50,000 units.

We observe the strict German guidelines for environmental protection.

Contract bottling


A perfect supply chain also includes the complete logistics, right up to the customer with ...

  • Storage
  • Order-picking
  • Packaging
  • Neutral shipping

With the all-round service from ACT, you save money and relieve the strain on your team.



ACT manufactures coolant and fuel additives, cleaning, care and service products for you. The recipes are highly effective, environment friendly and mostly certified TUV. We supply the active substances for the end consumer or as bulk material in large containers.

Production of active substances

About us

All great things have humble beginnings. This was also the case when Rudolf Zweifel founded his company in Göppingen in 1963. This later developed into ACT GmbH which has remained a family business to this day. For more than 30 years the company has been located in Bad Boll, Swabia. We have been shaped by the “Land of tinkerers”: Here people are grounded, reliable and inventive.

Originally, the three letters in ACT stood for "Aerosol Chemical Technology". Since then, our range of products has grown considerably. Today, in addition to the aerosols, it also includes greases and pastes as well as filling materials of various viscosities. The users are not limited to the owners of motor vehicles and bicycles. They are also used in industry, home and office.

ACT sees itself as your extended workbench: We do not manufacture any products under the name ACT. You specify how the product packaging should look like and what is on the label. We do not even appear as the consigner on the dispatch packaging. Upon request, we also work for you as a contract bottler, thus

mixing the product according to your recipes. Even if you use us "only" for the contract bottling, you benefit from our extensive know-how. Why?

Because quality is coded into the DNA of Aerosol Chemie Technik. Anyone who pays attention notices it everywhere: In the TÜV-tested products, in the ISO 9001 certification of the company, in environmental protection and occupational safety and much more.

Products for sustainable vehicle maintenance


ACT also uses highly effective, TÜV-certified formulas for the radiator and fuel additives. The additives for gasoline and diesel reliably remove deposits from the tank up to the combustion chamber. The engine runs more smoothly, is more agile and consumes less fuel. Just what your customers want.


Service station

Service Stations want the best quality at a reasonable price. ACT develops service products specifically intended for professional use. They act quickly, powerfully and permanently. From A like Anti-Seize-Montage Spray to M like Maintenance Oil,we supply 
you with a wide range of products. The service stations will love you for it.



Those who clean and care for their own car want flawless results. The product should be easy to use and environmentally friendly. ACT takes all this into account when developing the recipes for cleaners and care products. Our active substances are tested by independent laboratories and/or are certified by TÜV.

Cleaner & Care