Aerosol Chemical Technologies - the company

Aerosol Chemical Technologies stands for more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and filling of chemical-technical automotive products. We have been supplying customers all over the world for more than 30 years from Bad Boll, Swabia. Both the automotive accessories dealers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive manufacturers rely on our »Made in Germany« quality. As contract manufacturer and contract bottler, we deliberately refrain from selling our own products. Instead, ACT puts its know-how fully at your service.

Our certificates


Retrospective, insight, outlook

When we launched the family business in 1963, we processed only aerosols. Hence the Name Aerosol Chemie Technik GmbH. We have long since outgrown our "infancy". As contract manufacturers, today we also produce greases, pastes and other filling materials of various viscosities. These are used as ...

  • Cooling accessories such as radiator grille, radiator system cleaner, thermal protection
  • Fuel and oil additives
  • Automotive cleaner and care products like rim cleaner, cockpit care, polish, tar remover
  • Service products such as brake cleaner, rust-proof, hot-screw compound (anti-seize), universal spray

A complete overview can be found in the Menu under »Products«. Under the heading "Services", you will find out more about ACT as a contract bottler and a contract manufacturer.

As a dynamic medium-sized company ACT is increasingly tapping into international markets. Today you can already find ACT products in Europe, South America, Central America, Asia and Australia. Particularly in Asia the number of ACT customers is growing steadily.

The secret of success

Social quality

Family businesses form their own species in the German company landscape. Especially when the owners themselves run the company as with ACT. Our actions are not based on the next quarterly figures. The business is a generational contract: With Christian Zweifel, the founder's grandson entered the company in 2016. Most of the team has been working here for many years. This, the know-how remains in the company. This creates lasting reliability for the customers.

Certified quality

Our healthy growth is founded on a traditional understanding of quality. The QS certificate according to ISO 9001: 2008 is only the formal expression of a culture that has shaped our company from the beginning. This is also the case with the environmental management standard ISO 14001, which we strictly adhere to. Moreover, many ACT recipes are tested by TÜV. Other products are tested by independent laboratories for their effectiveness.

Quality culture

In daily business, standards and certificates play only a secondary role. Here it’s a matter of reliability. Of stable prices. Of timely delivery. Of robust processes. Of high-quality recipes. They ensure the quality that distinguishes our active substances from low-cost products. Not only your customers, but the environment also thanks you when you use such products.

Experienced quality

The growing demand of satisfied end customers is an important building block in the development of our company. Users are not limited to the owners of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or bicycles. Even in industry, in the home and in the office, ACT quality is becoming increasingly popular. And what does this mean to you?

Inherited quality

Use us as contract producer and/or contract bottler and you also inherit our strengths. Many customers have been with us since day one. They don’t want to give up ACT as a reliable supplier and contract manufacturer. And what about you? Do you want us to mix your own recipes for you? Gladly! We will do it with the same care as with our own products. We fill the active substances into your packaging with your label. And upon request, we send them neutral, as if they come directly from your company. This way we let your brand shine while we ourselves stay in the background.

Quality on demand, even for you?

The ACT all-round service offers you quality whenever you want. Let's get to know each other better! Call us or send us a message.




Rudolf Zweifel founded a sole proprietorship in Göppingen.

1978 The son Roland Zweifel enters the company of the father.
1982 Relocation of the company to Bad Boll. Here Rudolf Zweifel built a new building for the production and new tank station.
1984 The company transforms its sole proprietorship to the ACT Aerosol Chemical Engineering GmbH. Rudolf Zweifel takes over the management.
1986 ACT expands the building once again. It is not just the product that obtains more space. New offices, socialising rooms and the warehouse are also added.
1994 Son Roland obtains power of attorney.
1997 Roland Zweifel takes over the company as the sole shareholder and Managing Director.

The company expands the storage capacity by adding an additional tank station.

2012 ACT completes the installation of a hazardous material warehouse and expands the office space.
2016 Christian Zweifel, grandson of the founder and son of Roland Zweifel, joins the family business.
2017 Traude and Christian Zweifel receive procuration.
2018 In September 2018, ACT celebrates the official construction start for a new building in Albershausen.
2019 ACT moves into the new building after one year of construction in September 2019.
2020 Christian Zweifel takes over the company as Managing Director