Your contract bottler for automotive chemical engineering

As a contract bottler for chemical-technical motor vehicle products ACT ensures the quality of well-known brands. The bottling of liquids, aerosols and fats is a science in itself. Only those who know exactly the viscosity, the foam behaviour and other properties of the product can bottle it optimally. For this reason, ACT develops the right process for each bottling product and thus achieves the best possible quality for the consumer. Benefit from 50 years of experience in bottling of cleaners, care products, cooler additives, fuel additives and service products.

Flexible packaging

As a contract bottler, we are also able to tailor the packaging according to your wishes. We would be pleased to advise you on the choice of suitable cans, bottles, tubes, canisters, drums or IBCs. And we take care of the printing of the labels. Of course, we also fill any suitable packaging that you provide us fixed and ready.

Large and small batches

A flexible contract bottler should also be able to handle small batches. ACT bottles from 500 and 50,000 units for you. Fast and in the same high quality. That’s how you can also stay flexible: for the test of new products, for special actions or for exclusive small series.

Employee and environmental protection

With ACT, you opt for a contract bottler that works according to high German standards. However, we do no see work and environmental protection only as legal requirements. They are a social mission for us. Our reward: Loyal employees and loyal customers. Your benefit: Consistently high quality.

Inconspicuously efficient

ACT deliberately refrains from selling its own brands. We place our know-how at the service of the customer. Thus your supply chain runs like a well-oiled machine and your brand keeps shining. Whether as a contract bottler or as a manufacturer of active substances for your automotive care products, ACT always remains in the background.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

With contract bottling you can count on "Made in Germany" quality. ACT adapts to your needs. Why don’t you put us to the test? We promise you: This test will be worth your while. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. Send us a message. Or give us a call.