Products for sustainable vehicle maintenance


ACT also uses highly effective, TÜV-certified formulas for the radiator and fuel additives. The additives for gasoline and diesel reliably remove deposits from the tank up to the combustion chamber. The engine runs more smoothly, is more agile and consumes less fuel. Just what your customers want.


Service station

Service Stations want the best quality at a reasonable price. ACT develops service products specifically intended for professional use. They act quickly, powerfully and permanently. From A like Anti-Seize-Montage Spray to M like Maintenance Oil,we supply 
you with a wide range of products. The service stations will love you for it.



Those who clean and care for their own car want flawless results. The product should be easy to use and environmentally friendly. ACT takes all this into account when developing the recipes for cleaners and care products. Our active substances are tested by independent laboratories and/or are certified by TÜV.

Cleaner & Care