Radiator Sealant

Radiator sealant easily seals small leaks that cannot be immediately localised. For example, hairline cracks in the radiator or cylinder head, leakage of sealing rings of the water pump, porous areas in hoses or heat exchangers, rock impacts, etc.

  • outstanding combination of active ingredients with reliable, permanent sealing effect
  • does not harden in water (permanently flexible) and can be rinsed out again when necessary.
  • no failure of heating taps or thermostats due to anti-corrosion properties
  • suitable for all radiators
  • compatible with all commercially available antifreezes and coolants.

Areas of application

For sealing leaks of various types in cooling and heating systems. To prevent loss of coolant and seal sweating. For leaks of sealing rings of the water pumps and to some extent cylinder head cracks. Also for preventative protection against loss of coolant and corrosion.

Radiator Cleaner

Active ingredient combination for cleaning the entire cooling circuit of scale and sludge deposits.    


  • cleans intensively and reliably
  • is effective in all coolants and also neutral to seals and aunits
  • restores optimum cooling effect for the engine
  • does not contain any aggressive acids or alkalis

Areas of application

For malfunctions of thermostat valves and regulating mechanisms due to dirty cooling units and control parts, high engine temperatures due to barriers for the heat exchange.

Radiator Antifreeze AN

Long-acting radiator antifreeze with high corrosion protection developed for use in modern liquid cooled combustion engines. Amine and nitrite free


  • protects against corrosion and cavitation
  • prevents deposits and foam formation
  • already gives sufficient corrosion protection at concentrations of only 20%
  • does not attack seals and hoses
  • compatible with all brands of antifreeze

ASTM D3306, FORD ESE-M978B4H-A, MAN 324, SAAB, ASTM D4340, GM 1825M, OPEL-GM QL130100, DAF, ASTM D4985, GM 1899M, FORD AF Plus, VW-AUDI-PORSCHE, SAE J1034, GM SATURN, ROVER, PORSCHE, NATO S-759, John Deere, JAGUAR, BMW, MB 325.0, RENAULT and others