Active substance production for clean and long-lasting vehicles and engines

ACT is one of the leading German contract manufacturers of active substances for vehicle care. You do not know us yet? This is due to our discretion. We completely forego our own ACT brands. We would rather let the customers shine with our »Made in Germany« quality. For over 50 years, we have been producing and processing for manufacturers and distributors ...

  • Cooling accessories such as radiator grille, radiator system cleaner, thermal protection
  • Fuel and oil additives
  • Automotive cleaner and care products like rim cleaner, cockpit care, polish, tar remover
  • Service products such as brake cleaner, rust-proof, hot-screw compound (anti-seize), universal spray

Draw on our extensive rage of products

With ACT as a manufacturer of active substances, you can draw on our extensive range of products. We mix the active substances in 4,000 l containers. Each addition is done exactly at the right time in the right amount. It is also possible to heat individual substances before admixing. With precisely controlled processes, we achieve precisely the desired properties in terms of ...

  • Viscosity
  • Flash point
  • Diffusion sensitivity
  • Compatibility
  • Colour
  • Odour

We store the products for you in drums, IBCs or underground tankers. We adhere to the strict German regulations for work and environmental protection.

Flexible from the mixing to the dispatch

With ACT as a manufacturer of active substances, you keep all possibilities open. In the simplest case, you rely on our own highly effective mixtures. Many are TÜV certified. Or you determine the recipe, we provide the raw materials and produce the active substance for you. We adhere strictly to the ISO 9001 requirements.

You would like to manufacture some products yourself? Then just commission us as a contract bottler. In any case, you save on filling facilities and logistics. We ship all your products with your dispatch details, without reference to ACT. Even the safety data sheets enclosed by us also bear your logo and your name. You receive these customer information in 26 languages.

Re-mix please

As an active substance manufacturer, ACT brings new momentum into your supply chain. Rely on our reliable processes and effective formulas. Inspire your customers with »Made in Germany« quality . Save on storage and logistics costs. Let's talk about our successful future. Please call us or send us a message.